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Rescue Month

As everyone knows who has visited the shop - we are all animal mad, especially rescue animals!

We spent time chatting to friends & customers and were surprised that quite a few didn't know how to begin looking at adoption. We know adoption isn't for everyone but we also wanted to put together some tips on how to go about it.

Between all of the four owners of Pickles Pet Pantry we currently own:

4 dogs,

2 cats,

2 bunnies,

2 tortoises

1 (very elderly) Guinea pig

All of which are rescues, as well as volunteering the spare time we do have helping at Animals in Need Northamptonshire.

First and foremost workout the kind of animal you'd like to adopt, this will help you to establish what kind of rescue to work with.

Ask yourself a few questions:

How much space do I have?

What kind of diet would I be willing to feed my pet? (Dogs/cat are carnivorous and need meat - would you be more suited to a herbivore or insectivore?)

What's my monthly budget I can afford (pets cost a lot - insurance, feed, bedding unexpected vet trips etc)

Am I able to commit the required time to my pet? (Walking, cleaning out, training playing)

Who lives in your home? (Adults, children, other animals!)

Now you've established that we need to find out who your going to approach about rescuing.... our rescue partners are Animals in Need Northamptonshire - so we highly recommend them for animals of all shapes and sizes!

Secondly remember the cute squishy puppy will get lots of offers, don't be disappointed, but the older or more unusual dogs, cats or pets may not! Everytime you rehome an animal you don't just save one - you save two by the kennel, cattery or hutch place you create!

The oldie will appreciate your home just as much... if not more than the young one!

We're a big fan of choosing the wonky or slightly older animals that REALLY need us, it's so rewarding.... BUT remember it's also incredibly hard work!

Your rescue may need help with rehabilitation, medical treatment or time settling... our rescue dog Frank certainly did, a strict diet and BOAS surgery. It was tiring, saddening and hard, BUT so rewarding to look and see him healthier than ever now!

As hard as it is to imagine it can take a rescue animal over a year to fully settle in, we know this first hand as our Husky cross is still settling in nearly two years later!

Others settle much quicker but expect the longest anything else is a nice surprise!

Contact your rescue about the best way to begin the process of adoption or getting on to their list. Sometimes volunteering is a good way to support them while you await your pawfect match!

Follow them on social media and share their posts, just think it may not be your Furever friend, but you could be helping someone else stumble upon theirs!

When applying always be honest about your circumstances for your sake and the animals.

Once you've gone through the process of adoption and are getting ready to bring your furry, scaly or feathery friend home remember to PREPARE, the journey has begun!

Rescue prep list:

What's my shopping list of things I need before they come home?

Do I need to make alterations in my home?

Do I need to set anything up?

While I wait can I come and visit my animal at the rescue?

Research insurance?

Register at the local vets?

What date am I collecting my animal?

Lastly once you've adopted - let your animal have some space let them do this journey in their own time, your dog may not want cuddles and fusses - your cat may want to be alone and your bunny may way to thump until their heart is content... every journey is different.

Most importantly if it's hard work - don't be afraid to ask for help or advice, we did and it made all the difference!

Next week we will post a "Bringing your animal home guide for Dogs, Cat, Small Furries & Reptiles!"

Pickles Pet Pantry Team


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