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The Full Pickle Story

Pickles as you know and love it, started as a wild dream, read our story in full.


Our Mission

Creating a family, a family for pet owners to turn to with their silliest questions, their biggest challenges & ultimately trust to help with their best friends...

We want Pickles to be a place that make shopping for your pet easy, honest and faff free.

Only offering the highest quality products and services is been essential to us, if we wouldn't use it in our own home, we won't ask you to either.

We Put your Pet at the heart of our family...

The Beginning...

In September 2022 Katie had a wild idea of setting up Pickles.  With over 5 years Pet trade experience she knew her pet knowledge and the families business knowledge we could create something incredibly special. 


By October 31st we collected the keys to 24 High Street South, Olney.​


We had one contractor, lots of friends and the family working tirelessly to launch Pickles on 18th November 2022 at Midday.  We opened our gate and were left opened mouths as to the queue of people waiting to welcome us to the town. 


In that moment we didnt know lots of those people would become Pickle regulars, we've seen every part of pet ownership with them, New arrivals, untimely losses, celebrations & lots of treat theft from the four legged ones...​

First day.jpg

Our First Year...

In our first year, you all showed us more support than we'd imagined possible.  We felt like we'd found our home in Olney.  With your support Pickles went from strength to strength.  By January we knew we needed to open an additional room and our "Raw Room" was born.​We listened, we learned, we developed.


You guys sung from the rooftops about what we were doing, and we ended up with customers travelling as far as Aylesbury & kettering just to shop with us!​In June we told you all baby pickle would be joining the family and you all seemed just as excited as us as a family, we worked hard to ensure we were constantly adding new lines that fitted our Moto and that you were asking for.​


In September our Raw range changed again and we added even more lines - you guys were eating us out of house and home. In addition to this it was announced that Katie had become an MP HERoes Winner with Savvitas (You can read more in her profile).​


November Welcomed baby Pickle, he arrived a little early and that meant he had to come along to the PIF awards with us...​He was certainly our good luck charm, and we beat all the odds to scoop up the Pet Industry Federations "New Business of the year 2023" award.

Within a year we'd launched new products, welcomed a new family member, won two awards and met so many new customers.


The Future is bright

In February 2024 we had the opportunity to make Katie's dream come true of launching her own brand of foods.  Seeing the pallet arrive filled us with pride.

In June we launched two further flavours of Doggod, Cattac & Running Dog.  As always we got our customers involved voting for their favourite options.

We have big plans for the future of the store & we cannot wait to take you on the journey with us.

Opening Hours

Monday  l  Closed

Tuesday  l  9 - 5 

Wednesday  l  9 - 5 

Thursday  l  9 - 4 

Friday  l  9 - 4:30 

Saturday  l  9:30 - 5

Sunday  l  10 - 3


Rear of


24 High Street South


MK46 4AA

Tel : 01234 380375

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