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I'm Dave, if you don't recognise me, your dog will, I'm the one always being guilted by the puppy dog eyes in store, and sneaking them and extra treat.

I tend to be in when were running events or midweek.  

My Passion is parrots and I have over 30 years experience of keeping them.

My Story

I'm a local lad, born and bread Buckinghamshire.  My family have always had animals - some more normal ones some rather exotic.  I had a love for birds and parrots from a young age.  My grandad owned a Stunning Scarlet Macaw whom I inherited, Lucy.  She was regal, spectacular and my goodness couldn't she squark.  Lucy was a real centre Pin in our family learning cheeky things from Katie and our eldest Daughter Angie.  Picking up mannerisms from friends and family and even shouting "Hello Lu" & "Come on up" to guests like we used to.

Lucy lived an incredible life for a parrot in captivity and when she passed I was left with a parrot shaped gap in life that I knew one day I'd fill. 

Fast forward a few years and our friends at Animals in Need contacted us, as they often do to tell us of an animal who needed our care.  We collected a small friendly Quaker Parrot suddenly my parrot puzzle piece was back, Pickle (sound familiar) was cheeky, fun, interactive & clever. He was a bird of routine, bed time at 7pm, he'd turn his back on you if you were in his room too late!  Four months in to owning Pickle he squared his last squark & went to sleep...  Just as the idea of shop came about & Pickles Pet Pantry was born I his honour.

I spent many years in the pet industry and I even ran a store myself.  My knowledge of days gone by in pet stores hopefully means I bring a little nostalgia to the store. I l ove all the traditional dog products, tweed, wax jackets, leather collars are where I come in.  High quality products for life are really important for me.

I am a big softie when it comes to your pets that visit us, they can always guilt an extra treat from me with puppy dog eyes.  My favourite visitor so far has been a big white and yellow parrot... 1. because she was a parrot two because she matched the colours of my favourite football team Leeds United.

Fun Facts:

First Pet: Our family had a little Corgi names Toby

Pets: Truffy - Daxi-Poo, Ruby - A Sulcutta Tortoise, Melvin - Hermans Tortoise.

Favourite Animal: Parrot

Dream Animal Job: Parrot Handler at Elland Road

Top Pet Tip: Enjoy them while you have them, everything about them, it's never long enough.

Meet Pickle

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Fit with your best friend...

Opening Hours

Monday  l  Closed

Tuesday  l  9 - 5 

Wednesday  l  9 - 5 

Thursday  l  9 - 4 

Friday  l  9 - 4:30 

Saturday  l  9:30 - 5

Sunday  l  10 - 3


Rear of


24 High Street South


MK46 4AA

Tel : 01234 380375

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