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I'm Pam, I'm the people person in the group, I love chatting to all of you and hearing all of your stories about your pets.  I have a really soft heart and they can always convince me to give them another treat!

I have a passion for running our in store events and planning our parties.  I also run around filling our local treat jars for cafes and restaurants, and it would be rude not to stop for a quick coffee while I am there...

My Story

I love learning about all of our customers to me Pickles Pet Pantry is a family, and you guys are pretty cool family members.  I always want to make sure Pickles has something for all of the family, dogs, cats, even children.  I created our Pickle kids sweetie jar, I will often ask parents if their little (human) one can have a treat as well as their dog.  

When we have events in store it's me that makes the finer details, when I say make, I mean order!  A champagne flute instead of a paper cup, a goodie bag or something to remember us by, that's me!  Our pickle birthday parties, National Pet shop parties etc . are all my careful planning and I love meeting customers and getting to know them.


Our family really are mad about animals having owned, dogs, cats, rabbit, guinea pigs tortoises, parrots & even horse.  We really are suckers for a rescue case.

I have been a managing director of lots of businesses and I bring the more sensible brains to the table,​ although I am tempted by novelties or luxury pet products.

Fun Facts:

First Pet: Jimmy a cheeky loving little dog.

Pets: Ruby a giant Salcutta tortoise, Marvin a Hermans and little Truffy the rescue Daxi-Poo

Favourite Animal: There's too many to chose a favourite

Dream Animal Job: A children's nursery with petting zoo

Top Pet Tip: If you can and its right for your family please rescue, rescuing gives not just one animal another chance but a second when you free up a kennel or enclosure space. 

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Fit with your best friend...

Opening Hours

Monday  l  Closed

Tuesday  l  9 - 5 

Wednesday  l  9 - 5 

Thursday  l  9 - 4 

Friday  l  9 - 4:30 

Saturday  l  9:30 - 5

Sunday  l  10 - 3


Rear of


24 High Street South


MK46 4AA

Tel : 01234 380375

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