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I'm Jack, if you're a weekend visitor to Pickles Pet Pantry - I'm willing to guess we've met, I tend to be around at the weekends helping and doing running consultations or fitting harnesses.

My passion is Dog sports & I am always happy to help!

My Story

I have always grown up surrounded by animals but it wasn't until I met Katie that I became a crazy pet owner - with more Pets than socks.  As a teenager I was hugely in to sport, I soon realised that Athletics was not only my passion but I was also quite good at it.

I begun to focus my attention on all things athletics and took up hurdling.  During my time as a hurdler I achieved some pretty cool things, I trained with Olympians, won some medals and became the Sussex 400m hurdling champion. However when Covid hit the world, training became trickier and with time off I realised it was time to step back competitively, suddenly I wasn't in agony from training anymore, I could run and enjoy it.

We moved back to Buckinghamshire and we re-homed my future best friend Freddy, when Fred moved in I won't lie he wasn't keen on me, he much preferred Katie, but as soon as he was old enough and realised I'd be his running partner, we became the best of friends.  Fred reinstated my reason to train.

Having retired competitively I'd fallen into a slump and didn't really have a reason to go our and train, Fred developed some problematic behaviours, we later learned of his stress condition, and discovered running helped his brain and condition, I had to train for his sake.  Fred inspired my love of dog sports and performance and got me to thinking how could we be better, how could I keep him healthy and happy while exercising - I never looked back.

My day job, isn't quite so adventurous but it does mean I can rest my weary running legs and has inspired lots of ideas for the future. 

My degree, like Katie's is in humans, I graduated from Brighton University with a degree in physical education, with a focus for SEND children.  While my job never took this path I am able to use the skills I learned here and as an athletics coach to tailor mine and Freds running and others programs to work appropriately for their needs.

If you need any support with getting into dog sports please don't hesitate to ask!

Fun Facts:

First Pet: I had an Alsatian called Amy.

Pets: Arya a Black Cat, Fred a Husky X, Frank a Pug & Winston a Frenchie

Favourite Animal: Panther

Dream Animal Job: A Husky Sled Driver

Top Pet Tip: If you love time with your pet and hate exercising why not include your dog in your workout - it makes it so much more enjoyable.


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Fit with your best friend...

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