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I'm Katie, if you've been in store chances are we've met, chatted and coed over photos of your pet, and if your pets been there they've distracted me!

My passion is making pet ownership simple, fun & hassle free!

My Story

My career begun in a totally different sector.  In 2015 I graduated from St Mary's University Twickenham with a Bsc Hons. Strength & Conditioning science.  Later that year I was announced as the Richard Holmes UKSCA Emerging Strength & Conditioning Coach of the year with the UKSCA.  My sporting career saw me working with international athletes from all walks of life, athletics, football and my greatest passion... Cricket.  After finishing with Surrey Country Cricket club I decided to take a short career break - and dipped my toe into the pet sector ... (I never left!).  

I soon realised I was able to combine my love of science & animals all into one.  I learned as much as I possibly could to enable me to become the best I could be.  My understanding of human anatomy, physiology & nutrition enabled me to grasp concepts and view them from a whole new angle.  After a few years in the pet trade working for a large retailer - I moved to one of their food brands to begin the launch of a whole new pet feeding concept.  Launching a new protein source required me to take my scientific understanding to a new level and translate it into a useful resource for pet parents & shop staff.  I loved being part of something new and dynamic, I was lucky enough to travel the world guest speaking at conferences, training staff and meeting dedicated pet professionals and owners...

However I soon got to thinking, I knew I wanted to create my own magic, a shop, products & even my own food one day.  The dream of pickles was born on a rather sleepless September night, anyone who knows me well will know, when I set my heart on something I run with it and by AM the next morning I hadn't slept, I'd found our premises drafted a business plan, found brands I believed we NEEDED to work with... but I had to convince everyone else to go in with me... (You can read to full Pickles Pet Pantry story by clicking)

Originally I'd planned for it to be my business but to employ staff to run it, I sat on a trip with a friend talking about future, goals & aims and suddenly it hit me I could do this... and there and then I decided to leave my previous role and take on Pickles Pet Pantry Full-time - a decision I haven't regretted!

It's my goal to make sure pet owners can enjoy their animals and ensure pet shopping is easy and hassle free.

In 2023 my local MP Ben Everett nominated me for an MP HERoes women in business award for my work with Pickles Pet Pantry, this recognition has enabled me to join the Savvitas program and gain inspiration from other entrepreneurs, and hopefully help inspire others, its also opened exciting doors and opportunities, giving me access to experiences I otherwise would of never had as a small business owner.

In my spare time I spend time with our family, Jack and I had baby Spencer in 2023 and he has fitted into our wild animal life like a perfect puzzle piece. We enjoy adventuring with the dogs and cosy snuggled evenings on the sofa with the pets. On the rare nights we aren't cosy on the sofa your likely to find us soaking up some form of sport, most likely cricket!

Fun Facts:

First Pet: Our family dog was a German Shepherd named Jess but my own first was a Cremello horse named Creme

Pets: Arya a Black Cat, Fred a Husky X, Frank a Pug & Winston a Frenchie

Favourite Animal: Horse or Bumblebee

Dream Animal Job: A mounted tour guide - somewhere hot

Top Pet Tip: A walk isn't the only way to entertain or stimulate your pet, mental stimulation of 20 minutes is the equivalent to 1 hours walk. 

dog running.jpg


Fit with your best friend...

Opening Hours

Monday  l  Closed

Tuesday  l  9 - 5 

Wednesday  l  9 - 5 

Thursday  l  9 - 4 

Friday  l  9 - 4:30 

Saturday  l  9:30 - 5

Sunday  l  10 - 3


Rear of


24 High Street South


MK46 4AA

Tel : 01234 380375

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