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Tasty & Soft Baked, Grain & Gluten Free, Free from artificial flavours, colours & no added sugar, Pocket-sized re-sealable bag (100% Recyclable), Made in the UK, Easy to break in half and use as a Training Treat,

Suitable for all breeds: from 8 weeks, Sweet Potatoes are low in fat, rich in vitamins A, B6, C, calcium, potassium & iron, all helping to maintain your pooches health

Walker and Drake- Beef with Gravy & Sweet Potato Treats

  • Always be treatwise and follow a balance nutrient rich diet inline with treating.

    Always ensure clean drinking water is available.

Opening Hours

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Friday  l  9 - 4:30 

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24 High Street South


MK46 4AA

Tel : 01243 380375

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