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Fish4Dogs® crunchy, grain free, Sea Jerky Fish Strips are delicious, 100% white fish skin treats that are naturally abrasive to help support your dog’s dental health, and low in calories too. These strips are layers of white fish and can be fed whole or broken up into smaller pieces. Fish4Dogs® are dedicated to helping dogs be healthy and happy, which is why we are champions of fish as a tasty source of protein, excellent for food and treats. Naturally abrasive, lower in calories, 100% white fish skin, crunchy-layered treat that can be fed whole or broken up.

Fish4Dogs® Sea Jerky Fish Strips

  • White Fish Skin 100%

  • Crude Protein 79%, Crude Fibre 0.6%, Fat Content 2.4%, Crude Ash 10%, Omega 3 Fats 0.3%.

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