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Our freshly prepared chicken is cooked at a low temperature to ensure the nutrients, flavour and digestibility remain.  


Chicken is an easily digestible, protein rich meat source.  It is rich in essential amino acids, as well as being a good source of minerals and vitamins that can help towards general health and wellbeing.

15kg Chicken & Salmon Working Puppy

  • Carrot - known for being a good source of beta caratene known to support vision & eye health.

    Salmon, Turkey & chicken are known for being rich in amino acids

    Added joint care packageto support the growth of health bones.

    With added prebiotic FOS & MOS which may promote healthy gut bacteria

    Grain Free 

    Naturally preserved using rosemary extra.

Opening Hours

Monday  l  Closed

Tuesday  l  9 - 5 

Wednesday  l  9 - 5 

Thursday  l  9 - 4 

Friday  l  9 - 4:30 

Saturday  l  9:30 - 5

Sunday  l  10 - 3


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24 High Street South


MK46 4AA

Tel : 01234 380375

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